Refill & Recharge Pen Kit

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Convenient, discreet and effective…

Comes With the Vape Pen, Charger and 500 mg cartridge of your flavour choice.

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Comes in 10 Flavours – Solvent Free.

-Maui Wowie (Sativa)
-Clementine (Sativa)
-Watermelon Kush (Indica)
-BlueBerry (Indica)
-Hawaiian Honey Creeper (Hybrid)
– 1:1 CBD/THC
– Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)
– Blue Dream (Hybrid)
– Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)
– OG Kush (Hybrid)




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Weight 9 g
Dimensions 6.0 × 4.0 × 2.5 in

Blueberry, Clementine, Watermelon Kush, Girl Scout Cookie, 1:1 CBD/THC, Hawaiian Honey Creeper, Super Lemon Haze, Blue Dream, Maui Wowie, OG Kush